Welcome to my motion and graphic design portfolio. It includes client and personal work: Motion Graphics / Brand Videos / Commercials Ads / Social Content. To find out more follow the links below:

"I worked with Angela over a few years now on several projects for global corporations and other organisations. She has a superb all round skill set, from illustration and graphic design to 2D and 3D animation. Angela has always delivered above and beyond expectations and clients have always been delighted by her work. 
Her timekeeping is excellent and she is a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her for any motion graphics job."
Jody McAlavey - Director/Producer, Connected Pictures
"Angela is a talented motion designer. I hired her to illustrate a complex interaction design project, which required great storytelling skills and an infographic approach. She worked independently, from a simple script she designed everything form the motions to the visual assets making the whole process effortless for the creative director. Her motion graphic work was essential to communicate the vision of our project and get all the stakeholders on board. Angela does what it takes to get the job done on time and she’s a nice person to work with."  
Cristiano Orioli - Head of Forward UX, Nokia Design /Microsoft
"I have worked with Angela on many projects, including McAfee animated videos, where she was involved from the early stages of project planning, as well as in the main development of the animation. She easily understands a client's need from a brief and she is great at explaining her creative ideas to clients through storyboards. She is always ready to offer different options, if needed, and she always meets deadlines. Working with her is a great pleasure and she always makes clients happy!"
Anna Castagna - Client Production Manager, EyeKandy
"Angela is a pleasure to work with. Her ability to understand a brief and design is second to none! I would highly recommend her."
Paddy O'Sullivan - Senior Producer, Malt Films
"Angela is a pleasure to work with: creative, responsive, thorough and reliable, throughout the whole process from concept to final, produced video - a really great and useful team member."
Tobias Sturt - Creative Director, Digital Agency Guardian News and Media
"Angela, you are like a motion graphics Ornette Coleman, blasting out beautiful imagery from your After Effects saxophone."
Adam Waters - Director of Digital Content, British Forces Broadcasting Service
"I have had the pleasure of working with Angela over the last 10 years. She is a great asset to any project, whether taking the creative lead or as a valuable team member. She is open-minded and approachable always ready with a wealth of ideas, she is generous and collaborative and never precious. 
Angela has a strong creative eye backed up with the technical ability to deliver beautiful work that is innovative and engaging. She manages to to do all this whilst working to deadlines, budget and within brand guidelines. I highly recommend Angela for your project."
Tracey Aston - Design Direction / Independent Motion Design Consultant
"Angela is a great person to have working with you on any creative project. I've produced a couple of animations with her and know that she will be able to commit to any brief, come in smiling, offer up herbal teas and start any job from concept through to delivering a brilliant standard of work. 
She is always on the top end of my freelance motion designer list and for good reason."
Madeline Moores - Producer, Group FMG

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